Coping With Challenging Food Issues

In this curriculum, parents will learn crucial information about the common causes for feeding issues and food challenges in foster, kinship and adopted kids. Parents and caregivers will learn about the impacts that food insecurity and other food-related trauma can create in children of all ages. Parents and caregivers will also learn specific information about the most common food issues and how to address them at home. Finally, parents and caregivers will gain understanding of the practical supports children who face feeding issues need to heal.

Parents will leave the interactive training and support meeting with a better understanding of the following topics:

  • Causes of feeding issues and food challenges
  • Impacts of food insecurity and other food-related trauma on a child’s relationship with food
  • Three most common concerns foster, kinship, and adoptive parents have about feeding issues
  • Practical tips for supporting a child to heal from these common food challenges

*This curriculum includes a video, facilitator guide, and handouts.

**For international adoption agencies looking for interactive Hague training, this curriculum can contribute to a program to help meet 96.48 requirements. However, for a more thorough coverage of the requirements, consider the Creating a Family Hague Package for International Adoption

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