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Helping a Child Heal From Sexual Abuse

This curriculum will help parents learn important information about helping children heal from sexual abuse.

Parents will leave the support group with a better understanding of the following topics.

  • What constitutes sexual abuse of a child.
  • The signs or symptoms parents should know if they are concerned that a child may have experienced sexual abuse.
  • The protective factors that parents can put into place when welcoming a child into their home if that child has a suspected history of sexual abuse.
  • Action steps that parents can take when sexual abuse is disclosed or discovered, that will cultivate a safe space for the child to heal.

*This curriculum includes a video, facilitator guide, and handouts.

**For international adoption agencies looking for interactive Hague training, this curriculum can contribute to a program to help meet 96.48 requirements. However, for a more thorough coverage of the requirements, consider the Creating a Family Hague Package for International Adoption

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