Parenting Neglected Kids

Neglect is the primary reason that children enter the US foster care system. A common form of child abuse, it can cause developmental, cognitive, and social delays, among many other challenging issues. However, many people misunderstand the gravity of neglect and thus downplay its impacts. In this curriculum parents and caregivers will learn what neglect is, how it impacts children, including a definition of parentification, and how to support children to begin the healing process.

Parents will leave with a better understanding of the following topics.

  • Neglect: what it is and how it impacts children, both short and long-term
  • Parentification: common issues parents experience with parentified kids and how to help a child ease out of a parental role
  • Practical tips for helping children begin to heal from neglect

*This curriculum includes a video, facilitator guide, and handouts.

**For international adoption agencies looking for interactive Hague training, this curriculum can contribute to a program to help meet 96.48 requirements. However, for a more thorough coverage of the requirements, consider the Creating a Family Hague Package for International Adoption

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