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Self-Care When Parenting Harder to Parent Kids

In this curriculum, parents will learn why self-care is so important when parenting kids who have challenging behaviors or come to their homes with a history of trauma. Parents will learn about the realities of compassion fatigue and secondary trauma. In addition to learning how to identify the common barriers that parents face when seeking self-care, they will also learn how to form a plan for meaningful self-care. Parents who are in a significant partnership or marriage are encouraged to prioritize self-care for their relationship. 

Parents will leave the support group with a better understanding of the following topics.

  • Why self-care is crucial and how to identify the barriers to regular self-care they face
  • The definitions of “compassion fatigue, “secondary or vicarious trauma” and how respite care can help
  • Why relationship care is also vital for adoptive, foster, or kinship parents who are in a marriage or partnership
  • Creative ideas and practical tools for incorporating self-care into their daily lives

*This curriculum includes a video, facilitator guide, and handouts.

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